About Us


South East United Football Club was established in November 2013, by members of the Dodges Ferry, Richmond and Cambridge junior football clubs, with the aim of promoting the development of junior, youth and senior football at the new Sorell Council facilities at Pembroke Park.

Prior to this point, making the transition from junior to youth football meant that parents and children from regional areas faced the logistical and often-expensive prospect of travelling to the eastern suburbs or the city. As a result, many children opted to drop out of the game once they had outgrown their local junior football club.

South East United FC was established to provide children from Campania to Lauderdale, Richmond to Triabunna, and Dodges Ferry all the way to the Tasman Peninsular, with an affordable and accessible youth program.

We kicked off with a junior and senior Summer Sixes competition in October 2014 and have since fielded teams in junior, youth and senior social divisions for both men and women.


Follow South East United Football Club on Facebook, email info@southeastunitedfc.org.au or phone:

  • President: Andy Rhodes 0432 077 010
  • Treasurer: Matt Smith 0438 652 559
  • Secretary: Kim Griggs 0488 235 554
  • Senior Vice President: Jo-Anne Roland
  • Junior Vice President: Angela Butler
  • Social & Fundraising Officer: Abbie Griggs
  • Grants, Sponsorship & Funding Officer: Felicity Burns
  • Technical Director: Andy Rhodes
  • Assistant Technical Director: Luca Paolini
  • Junior/Youth Coordinator: Glen Roland 0499 444 535
  • Social Committee: Jane Marshall, Susie Morgan, Angela Butler
  • General Committee: Antony Appleby, David Arnott, Nicky Mulhern

Club charter

South East United FC – Go the Journey!


South East United FC will be the destination club for young footballers in our region to develop their skills and prepare, both mentally and physically, for the challenges of senior and competitive football.

We will be the destination club for coaches looking for outstanding leadership and development opportunities, and who are driven by the desire to succeed.

Our corporate partners will know us as the destination club for exceptional community engagement and exciting commercial opportunities.

And our board, committee and volunteers will know us as the destination club for personal fulfilment, empowerment, achievement and unity.

To reach your destination, you need to take a journey.


Our core club values may be defined as:

  • Teamwork – friendship, reliability, trust, encouragement, supportiveness, selflessness, sharing, belief, patience, inclusiveness, empowering others
  • Respect – equality, appreciation, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, responsibility, empathy, loyalty, honour
  • Integrity – sportsmanship, fairness, professionalism, stability, honesty, leadership, consistency, accountability, strength
  • Passion – enthusiasm, courage, commitment, allegiance, dedication, pride, energy, hunger, perseverance, striving to improve

The TRIP is the foundation of the journey.