Summer 6s Competition Rules 2017/18


The 2017/18 Summer 6s competition commences Tuesday 14th November and finishes Tuesday 20th February 2017. The competition breaks for the Christmas/New year period, rosters are available via this link 2017/18 ROSTERS

Points will be awarded as follows:

Win: 3 points

Draw: 1 point

Loss: 0 points

Ranking will be based on goal difference, followed by most goals scored.


The Under 10 roster will kick-off at 4:30pm

The Under 12/13 roster will kick-off at 5:20pm

The Adults Mixed roster will kick-off at 6:10pm

The Mens roster will kick-off at either 6:10pm or 7pm



  • Each game will start on or within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, any delays will result in a shortened game length or a forfeit by the team not in attendance.
  • Each game is 40 minutes in duration with 20 minutes played in each half.
  • Half-time consists of a 5-minute break;


The first & second halves of the game start with a kick off from the centre spot by the selected team. Both teams should be in their own half and the opposition should not enter the centre circle. The ball does not have to go forward from the kick off.


All free kicks are indirect free kicks! Opposing players must be 5m back from the ball


Shall be awarded as per normal rules for a foul in ‘THE GOALKEEPER/THE GOAL AREA’ section.


Slide tackles are forbidden. A free kick is awarded agaiinst players for slide tackles.


  • The goalie may roll the ball out to themselves and play on
  • AFL or Drop-kicks are NOT permitted. The referee will require the ball returned to the goalie in these instances
  • If a team makes a change of goalkeeper during the match the change ust be made when the ball is out of play and the referee must be notified before the change is made.


  • In the Adult competitions after a goal is scored, the goalkeeper rolls/throws the ball out to restart play.
  • In the Junior & Youth competitions after a goal is scored, the game restarts with a kick off from the center spot by the selected team. Both teams should be in their own half and the opposition should not enter the centre circle. The ball does not have to go forward from the kick off.


No goals kicks! Goalie must roll/throw the ball back in and opposition must be at least 5m away.

BACK PASSES: When an outfield player passes the ball back to the goalkeeper the goal keeper may NOT pick up the ball. The referee will award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the spot the goalie picked up the ball in this instance.

KICK INS: The ball will be kicked in from the side lines. The ball must be stationary and on or behind the line. Opposition must be 2m from the ball before it has been kicked in.

CORNERS: Corners will be awarded as per FIFA rules. Opposition must be 5m away.

The Referees discretion and decision is final in any instance.


Families are usually present, so we do not tolerate offensive language used in our competitions. Teams and their spectators who continued to use excessive offensive language will not be accepted back into the competition. Referees will caution players for using excessive offensive language. Referees will report on team’s spectators who continue to use offensive language. Teams will lose points if they or their spectators use inappropriate or offensive language.


All players coaches and spectators associated with a team must read and at all times conduct themselves in line with Football Federation Tasmania’s code of conduct. If teams are guilty conducting themselves in a manner that contravenes the code of conduct the team could be suspended or expelled from the competition without refund.

Please be aware that we have been flexible with age ranges in some divisions to accommodate players and strengthen the competition. Given the fun and social nature of the competition and the diversity of ages and genders please be mindful of the relative physicality of opposition players and consider the strength of tackles and intensity of your play.


Players will receive yellow and red cards as per regular FIFA rules (including dangerous or reckless tackling, foul and abusive language, professional fouls, persistent fouls or any violence directed at players or officials).

If a player accumulates more than 4 yellow cards during the competition, they miss the next game and their tally reverts to zero cards. This includes semi-finals and finals, should they be applicable.

If a player receives a red card the Summer 6s disciplinary committee will notify the player of the length of their suspension. This will depend on the report and the nature of the incident. All red card recipients will have a 1 week min suspension.

Teams accumulating more than 10 yellow cards or 3 blue/red cards will be deducted 2 points and entry into future Summer 6 competitions may not be permitted.


Size of pitch is approximately 48m x 30m. Goal area semi circle of 6m radius.

Referees will be provided.

Verbal or physical abuse, intimidation, threats of violence or the persistent questioning of decisions of a referee by players, coaches or spectators, will not be tolerated and is unacceptable in this competition. Suspensions and/or team expulsions will occur if players or team supporters are found guilty of any of the above behaviour. Any player behaving in this manner stated above will be sent off and suspended and the entire team risks expulsion.

That player’s team may, at the competition manager’s discretion, get points deducted for the behaviour and risk team expulsion from the competition.

Team’s spectators who verbally abuse, intimidate, threaten or question referee decisions will result in a 3-point deduction for the team and at the discretion of the competition manager risk having the team being expelled from the competition. The spectators found guilty of this behaviour will be asked to stop and if they don’t will be asked to leave the ground and not to return. If a team’s spectators behave in the manner described above they risk expulsion from the competition, never to return.


All senior teams are required to fill in team sheet and give to ref before the start of each game. The team card will list the names of players (printed), his or her shirt number (if applicable). Team sheets will be provided on game day to the team manager. Team sheets are compulsory for insurance purposes.

The referee or a roaming official may undertake registration checks using the original registration sheet received by the competition manager. Teams/team captains must cooperate with officials by helping with this process.


Teams cannot play an unregistered player or a player from another team without permission from the opposing team. You can register new players, up to the 10 allowable, at any time.

If senior teams use players from another team without permission and are found guilty they risk losing any points received for that game.

If a team has less than 6 players it can ask the opposing team if it can use a player from another team. The team being asked can elect to give permission or refuse permission.

If a team has 3 or less players the game is declared a forfeit. The game can still be played with the borrowing of other players, and will be played as a friendly.

If a team has 4 players ready to play, the game is ‘live’ and will count. In this case the team with the 4 players can ask permission from the opposing team to borrow players from other teams from the same or lower age/league category or from its own team.

Once permission is granted the game will play and the result will stand. The opposing team has every right to say no at the beginning of the game.

Please note players can register for more than 2 teams an additional registration fee of $50 is not required.

Players that have registered for a team but have not completed payment will not be allowed to play until full registration fee is paid, unless re-payment options have been agreed with the competition manager (Andy Rhodes 0432 077 010).

Player registrations are not transferable. If a player can no longer play for any reason their registration fee cannot be transferred to a new player.

Forfeited games result in 3 points being credited to the non-forfeiting team in the form of a 3 nil win.

Teams forfeiting 3 times may be expelled from the competition. No refunds will be paid to teams expelled or withdraw from the competition.


Summer 6s reserves the right to expel or suspend players or teams or team spectators involved in any sort of on or off field violence, including verbal abuse, intimidation (including excessive questioning of decisions) or assault of officials, without refund of match payment or registration/administration fees paid by the team or individual. Serious violence will be reported to the police. Players or teams expelled will not be allowed back into the competition.


If a team withdraws from a competition, all previous games played against this team will be nullified (win, lose or draw). No refunds will be paid to teams expelled or withdrawn from the competition.


If it has been or is raining the South East United Football Club facebook page will be updated by 12pm on the day of the competition to advise of any cancellations due to inclement weather. It is the responsibility of each player and team to check the facebook page ( for updates to see if games are still on or cancelled. No refunds or partial refunds of the $50 competition fee will be payable should rounds be cancelled.

If any of the rounds are cancelled due to wet weather the round/games will not be replayed.


If lightning is too close while games are on we will stop all games and ask all players and spectators to take cover. We ask people to take cover in the dressing rooms or in their cars. Once lightning passes we will make an assessment and either recommence or suspend all remaining games for that round in that division.



Each squad is to comprise at least 6 players. Teams to field 6 players including a goalkeeper for each game. Goalkeeper is to wear a top coloured different to outfield players. Teams will be permitted to commence play with not less than 4 players and bring on any late arriving players after kick off. Games will not be delayed for teams short of players waiting for their players to turn up.

In the Mixed League teams must not have more than 3 male players on the pitch at once


Substitutes are unlimited and may take place during any stoppage in play. Substitutes must not enter the field until the player they are replacing has left the field of play, tagging them at the halfway line. Teams are not to have more than 4 substitutes at any game.


Boots with moulded studs only; players with metal studs will not be allowed to play. Touch football trainers or “grass cats” are acceptable. Officials may check footwear before every game.


Must be worn; this is not negotiable. Players will be asked to leave the field if they are found not to be wearing shin pads.


Teams are to field players wearing the same coloured shirts. If teams do not have matching shirts bibs will be provided. Bibs will be provided when colours of the opposing team are similar.


All balls will be supplied – We don’t have ball boys or girls, so it is each teams responsibility to ensure balls do not go missing. Balls must be retrieved during game time. Balls must be returned to referee at the end of each game.


Goals are erected and pegged into the ground on each field by Summer 6s staff. Teams playing the last games on a field are asked to assist bringing the goals back to the shipping container next to the ground. Each goal contains 3 or 4 metal pegs that must also be brought back.


Spectators, coaches, substitutes or suspended players are not allowed to enter the field of play under any circumstances other than that described below.

A substitute can come onto field to replace another player and must only come on from half way.

A substitute or coach can attend to an injured player after permission is sought from official.

If not clear please check with officials or Summer 6s staff. Warm up should not interfere with live games.


Alcohol is not to be consumed by anyone around the assigned playing areas while Summer 6s games are in progress.


Please take all your rubbish with your or put in the bins provided.